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indie rp account for Feliks Łukasiewicz, personification of Poland, affiliated with Hetalia Axis Powers


Skansen (folk museum) in Chorzów, Poland.


Staszów, Poland; vintage postcard.


Warsaw’s 10 Best Local Restaurants: Poland’s Culinary Capital
Eat out in Warsaw with our local’s guide to the 10 best restaurants in the city, from tiny milk bars to fine dining institutions. Read More at »


A kto umarł, ten nie żyje.


Folk costume from Łowicz, Poland - bride in traditional “flower crown” in the middle. Archival photograph (date unknown).

"W Polsce bije serce świata"

Independent RP blog for Feliks Łukasiewicz, representation of Poland, affiliated with Axis Powers: Hetalia fandom

♞ 4 years and counting of RP experience, 3 on Tumblr;

♞ OC friendly, crossovers subject to discussion; no multishipping

♞ Polish mun; able to RP in both Polish and English;

♞ Based on history and current events;

♞ Semi-selective; usually adjusts to RP format!

♞ Actual prince of wódka and kiełbasa.

                      … a kto umarł, ten nie żyje.

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                  ❝ Mein einig schönes Liechtenstein ❞

                                                Art ;; Bless Toma

♔ An independent APH Liechtenstein RP Blog — based on canon, history, culture and personal interpretation.

♔ OC & multi-fandom friendly! Is open to RPIng with both mutuals & non-mutuals!

♔ Any format is accepted, although default is script unless otherwise stated!

♔ Mun has extensive knowledge of Liechtenstein, and is willing to bring forward sources at any given time! 

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It’s been a pretty good for us over all. Hopefully this lucky streak will continue! Poor Italy he only got bronze, haha

Well, I’ve proven myself the best football country in the world this year, so watch out!

Now to think of it, I didn’t even qualify to World Cup. And yet I’m a world’s volleyball champion. You can tell where I’m trying and where not anymore.

I know, but even with your victory you won’t win easily. We’ll make sure to give your players hard time. ;)


Painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk

me: i don't even care. i'm not going to talk about this anymore.
me: and you know what else? [2000 word rant]