Folk costume from Kurpie - Puszcza Zielona (Green Forest), Poland. Vintage postcard.


Wieźyca, Poland
by Robert Manuszewski


Polish Pottery: Manufaktura w Bolesławiec


Folk costume from Kraków, Poland. Vintage postcard.


Folk costume from Kraków East (around Zalipie village), Poland. Vintage postcard.


Poland 38 by lonelywolf2


Folk costume from Kraków, Poland from the mid-19th century. Vintage postcard.

Side note: According to the historians and ethnographers, the old-Polish (old-Slavic) folk costumes of women were similar to the Biłgoraj or Lasowiacy costumes, which are said to be the the least-changed in the course of the 19th-century industrial revolution.


Korczew, Poland

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